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    Applications for Tef-Gel PTFE Based Lubricant include:

as aluminum and carbon fiber to prevent galvanic corrosion.  




The PTFE in Tef-Gel is an ultra-fine powder that greatly reduces friction and fills voids around the base metal. Eliminating those voids keeps oxygen, water and moisture from contacting the base metal, which prevents rust and corrosion.

Tef-Gel, when applied between electrical contacts and connectors, does not increase resistance. Even at hundreds of amps, the integrity of EMI shielding is maintained. Tef-Gel does not electrically insulate hardware. The PTFE powder extrudes out onto the contact area and into the voids of the surrounding areas, preventing corrosion at the connection.

Available in a thick paste, or a thinner version that is similar to the consistency of grease, Tef-Gel can be utilized in any environment. The anti-corrosive properties of Tef-Gel will allow ease of disassembly for many years. Torque requirements may have to be altered according to application of thread lubricants.

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